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Christmas Eve update

Yea, I know…. a much needed one. In my defence, I have been busy and still managed to get a “Sexy Santa’s Helper” up every day as promised. Like everyone else, I’ve spent the last 4 days shopping. Well, I assume everyone else waits until the last minute because I ran into em everywhere I went. For me, shopping is ...

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More photos and the full story: Roanoke house fire

As usual, some of the posted stories on the house fire in Roanoke on Monday morning are not entirely acurate. I’ll try to set the story straight and throw in a few more pics. Rhett posted a nice piece over on the Fire Critic , unfortunately; some of his facts were off (imagine that Statter). Here’s the video again…   We (Engine ...

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The "First Due" Officer… what are you thinking?

I mentioned a fewpost back that I wanted to follow up on Chris Naum’s show Taking it to the Streets.  Chris has a regular show on Firefighter Netcast and last week’s was The First Due Officer.  I was brought in late and wasn’t really up to speed as to what direction Chris wanted to go. I did know however that ...

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