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A gamble with tax payer's money? Are BIG chances being taken in Botetourt County's provision of Public Safety? Why let a fox in the hen house?

Their policy should be STRICT because allowing felons to serve in Public Safety is like putting a fox in the hen house! These are NOT the types of people I want in my house ( with my wife, children, grandchildren etc) while I'm away. When responding to an emergency incident, the Fire Chief has that authority .... to enter your home (by force if deemed necessary).

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Volunteer Leadership

The days of "Territorial" Volunteer Companies is passing. A 15 or 20 minute response time because you think it's "YOUR" call and you don't want to turn it over is unacceptable! Our citizens expect more. They demand more and they DESERVE it! We can not compromise on Public Safety for the sake of ego stroking.

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