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Under staffed, attacks on our pension, a Close Call, 2nd alarms to rubbish fires…. Ironifremen.com is back on line!

We all need a room full of firefighter wives, girlfriends etc like " Suki " to fill council chambers etc every time they talk about, debate and consider budget cuts to Public Safety. And don't think for a minute that your Department budget or your pension is safe. Right now, my pension is under attack. It's been coming for some time now but it's just here recently that the majority of our members have "seen the light"

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This aint no place for the weary kind!

Jeff Bridges made a great movie before he did the re-make of True Grit. If you get a chance, watch Crazy Heart.  Have you ever hurt someone you loved?? If you haven’t, you aint a fireman yet. On accident, on purpose … doesn’t matter  I’m not proud of it but for some reason, we seem to do it on a ...

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