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Responding in severe weather conditions…

There are other factors to consider here as well. What kind of attack will we be making? Offensive, Defensive maybe transitional? With all this additional time we've accumulated, the fire has certainly gotten a good jump on us. Is life safety involved (is someone trapped inside)?

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Alive and well

TRUST ME ... it's NOT an easy thing to do. Especially in a Department like ours. I'll go back to those two words.... TRAINING and DISCIPLINE. I applaud the effort and calls our guys are making out here on the street ... they're getting it RIGHT and our members are going home the next morning.

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Why modern Building construction (design) SUCKS!

I’m SICK. I’m not sure I can say it enough to make ya fully understand. I think one of “Santa’s Sexy Helpers” must have “slipped me a mickey”.. LOL.  I’ve always said that if you ever hear that I’m in the hospital and really want to see (or cuss ) me, you had better come quick because it’s BAD. Well, ...

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