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Money well spent!

The occupants were in a panic, fearing they were trapped; but Randy had it knocked down within seconds and with less than 500 gallons of water. Our County Brothers will be ecstatic to read that we even got the "brush rake" off the rig. Randy quickly got to the "head", extinguished and began "cutting a line" .... LMAO ... if we only had a " PULASKI" tool.

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I don't know how you could do what we did and see what we've seen and not take something away from the experience. I will carry the memories we've made there for the rest of my life. Emmitsburg, the NFFF, our fallen and their survivors will stay with me always. I WILL NOT FORGET .

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Father's Day catch up ..

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY !  Tonight’s post is late because I’ve been going as hard as possible today in an effort to “catch up” from being sick. Despite working all day, I had a wonderful Father’s Day. The girls had the Buckaroo up early and we got to spend the entire day together. He was so excited. “I know a secret ...

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