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“Dear Me” … A letter to myself as a 21 year old Firefighter

You've always given 100% to everything you do but I want to ask you to hold back on this one. Save a little for your family, the ones who love you and for yourself. You are still naive, yet full of life, humility and compassion. The job will demand these qualities from you but it will also strip you of them over time.... be careful of that.

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To the Rescue

Even the days when thousands of people don't need us, there are still several hundred who do. We are always working ... even on our days off.

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I don't know how you could do what we did and see what we've seen and not take something away from the experience. I will carry the memories we've made there for the rest of my life. Emmitsburg, the NFFF, our fallen and their survivors will stay with me always. I WILL NOT FORGET .

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