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Volunteer Leadership

The days of "Territorial" Volunteer Companies is passing. A 15 or 20 minute response time because you think it's "YOUR" call and you don't want to turn it over is unacceptable! Our citizens expect more. They demand more and they DESERVE it! We can not compromise on Public Safety for the sake of ego stroking.

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LOL … Ahhhh the places I could go!

LMAO …. I have SO much content and “directions” I could go in for a great post. Of course, my regular readers know that the one thing that I don’t tolerate is “fretting” so I guess I’ll shoot it to ya straight. It’s been a busy summer for me but for some reason, these last few weeks have really taken ...

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Buckaroo withdraws …

Apparently, some of you are having Buckaroo withdraws. Trust me ….he’s doing just fine! As a matter of fact, he’s even better than that. The bad news is that you only have until April 17th to keep enjoying his presence here on Ironfiremen.com You see, April 17th is his Birthday and I’ve already bought his present … shhhhhhh! Oh yea… ...

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