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Things that make ya go Hummmmm

I happened across this picture over on Firefighter Nation. It was posted yesterday by  John a munch. It’s title is  “Hooking it” ….  now,  I’m no “Monday Morning Quarterback” (especially since it’s Saturday night..LOL) but I was just wondering… Whadda ya think?    Stay safe and in house… Captain Wines

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A "near miss" in Jaxx and a firefighter injury in Cy-Fair, Tx

A civilian burned and a roof collapse in South Jacksonville while firefighters were operating interior … A Cy-Fair firefighter was injured after falling through the 2nd floor. Check out the raw video .. I’m guessing this is the rescue / removal of the injured firefighter… HEADS UP Statter .. note the turnout coat, jeans and blue helmet.. KHOU.com has a ...

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