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Back to duty ….

Well, vacation is over and I’m back to duty. I was kinda hoping for a slow day but in the Fire Department, that’s always a gamble. Our Battalion Chief is off on vacation this cycle (Sat, Mon, Wed) so I’m bumped up and “riding the car” (our term from riding the Chief / Battalion vehicle). Riding the car has both ...

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No indictment from Rocky Mt. Va. Grand Jury in the double LODD of Chief Posie Dillon and FF Danny Altice

This past Wednesday, a Rocky Mt. Va Grand Jury decided not to indict driver Terry Valentine on charges of vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving and failure to yield. WDBJ 7 news has the story below. The fatal accident happened this past July while Chief Dillon and Firefighter Altice were responding to a report of a structure fire. You can find coverage ...

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