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Someone you need to know …flowing foam, dragging 2 1/2", visitors and more

TRUST ME .... get to know this guy and support the National Firefighters Endowment ANY WAY YOU CAN! These are the folks helping us... the firefighters. In these times of cut backs in staffing, salaries, station closings / brown outs etc .. who else is on our side? Shane gave a GREAT interview in Rhett's 2nd "20 Questions" installment... he explains a lot of what the NFE is all about .... take the time ... READ IT!

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When our recruits complete the acadamy, they are assigned to a company, placed on 1 years probation and have a detailed set of objectives to complete / pass within that year. They are assigned a "Rookie Book" which contains thoses objectives and are evaluated at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month mark.

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High Rise training, fighting, dancing and a rodeo!

I didn’t get a post up saturday night because I took  half the day off. My beautiful bride and I attended her 25th high school reunion. We had a very nice dinner and dance  at Mariner’s Landing  on nearby Smith Mountain Lake. For those of you wondering …. YEA … I still “got it”. That 80’s music had me throwing ...

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