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May be my longest post ever…sit down.. we'll see

First off, I need to say that my / our thoughts and prayers go out to several folks this week / today. We have had some family members of our brothers pass this week. 1st Lt. Riddle from down at “The Deuce” lost his brother this past week. I haven’t spoke with Brian since his passing but hope he knows ...

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19+ pics..gonna be another long one!

Geesh. I’m still here and been up sine 04:00 (Damn you Schmoe!) We actually caught a little work this morning. Well OK, 2 sheds aint really work but its the most fire Opie’s seen since they kicked us out of #9. I’m working today for Capt. “Bucket head” Craft on A-shift and we haven’t had a break yet. I was ...

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Im singing…errrrr…training in the rain!

Ok, for those of you old enough to remember…here’s a little Gene Kelly from 1952″Singing in the rain”.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmc_gwpNQ6c]Why put Gene Kelly on a Fire Department blog? Substitute “training” for “singing” and that’s what we were doing today. Training in the rain! Eugene even danced a little jig. The boys fussed a wee bit this morning when I told em we ...

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