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Volunteer Leadership

The days of "Territorial" Volunteer Companies is passing. A 15 or 20 minute response time because you think it's "YOUR" call and you don't want to turn it over is unacceptable! Our citizens expect more. They demand more and they DESERVE it! We can not compromise on Public Safety for the sake of ego stroking.

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Too big for their britches

I had to cancel my trip to the   Pa. Fire Expo   this weekend but that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t go. I’ve been getting some pics and updates from the floor in Harrisburg and it looks like I’m missing a great show. I had intended to spend some time in the  FoxFire  booth with Zach Green and his crew. They are setup with  ...

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Statter naked, tons of pics and More from FDIC ….

Ok, let me clean up the last post a little or at least explain some of the pics. I don’t know how but I managed to loose more than 1/2 of it in the publishing process. I was pushed for time so instead of rewritting the whole thing, I just threw in several pics for ya. I basicly ended with ...

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