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No indictment from Rocky Mt. Va. Grand Jury in the double LODD of Chief Posie Dillon and FF Danny Altice

This past Wednesday, a Rocky Mt. Va Grand Jury decided not to indict driver Terry Valentine on charges of vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving and failure to yield. WDBJ 7 news has the story below. The fatal accident happened this past July while Chief Dillon and Firefighter Altice were responding to a report of a structure fire. You can find coverage ...

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Chicago LODD

You gotta be shitting me!  As usual, I’m behind. Just getting in the house and learning of the loss of 2 brothers in Chicago an the injury of several more. Here’s the video news conference….   I understand these brothers were lost while fighting a fire in a vacant structure and on the 100th anniversary of the 1910 Chicago Union ...

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Snow angels and a netcast follow-up

Well the snow found us. Here in Catawba, we had about 4-5 inches before it changed over to sleet. Chores don’t change just because of the weather, so I had all the regular feeding etc to do. The Buckaroo took the day off despite spending several days last week brushing up on loader operations … I missed the little fella ...

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