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Staffing saves lives!

Shortly after his size up, Captain Perdue transmitted that he had multiple victims hanging out of windows (of the upper floors) and the hallway / stairwell heavily involved with fire.

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Alive and well

TRUST ME ... it's NOT an easy thing to do. Especially in a Department like ours. I'll go back to those two words.... TRAINING and DISCIPLINE. I applaud the effort and calls our guys are making out here on the street ... they're getting it RIGHT and our members are going home the next morning.

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Charlotte's Bravest … The Shamrock Express make the grab!

Firefighter Josh Johnston (and his crew) made a daring rescue! He crawled past the fire to locate a trapped occupant and was able to bring him out to safety just seconds before the conditions worsened to a point where they would have been unsustainable for the victim. "Josh put himself in peril crawling under the fire to get to the man. It was amazing, said Captain Hildreth"

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