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Smoke, fire, a priest and a 3yr old!

We came off the rig, I get my hook and tell boots to take the fire floor from side Alpha and that I'll take the floor above from side Charlie ... "I'll meet ya on the 2nd floor". Not the best but that's how we operate.

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Taking "Brotherhood" to the FDNY and so much more …CONTINUED!

Firefighter Pete Mclaughlin was killed in The Line of Duty on October 8, 1995 just a week or so after our last ride with R4. He was caught in a flash over with collapse. Later, they would name a street in Queen in honor and memory of Pete. You can read a small related article by clicking HERE . WELL DONE BROTHER ... continue to Rest in Peace and thanks again for the ride!

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Fading traditions

I’m sitting around today going over the happenings of this past week. I’m trying to pass the time and keep my mind occupied but my thought keep drifting to Chief Slayton, his family and his Department family. I think about all the history and tradition that Bobbie had seen in his career as well as all that he passed along. ...

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