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Why am I even here?

I’ve asked myself that question thousands of times since the attacks on our Nation back in 2001. My dad, Rhett (The FireCritic), Todd “Boots” Harris and myself recently sat down for an interview with Roanoke Times reporter Jorge Valencia. It was a GREAT interview and I hope he realizes what he was able to capture on his recorder. We sat ...

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Looking back on Atlanta

Fire Rescue International 2011 has ended and Rhett ( Fire Critic ),  Jeff Harkey ( Fire News.net / Daily 911 Deals.com ) and I are back home safe and sound… ok .. we’re safe. Rhett’s driving  …. well, let’s just say it works on your nerves. Riding with Rhett will drive you to drinking  LOL.  WE HAD A GREAT WEEK ...

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Fading traditions

I’m sitting around today going over the happenings of this past week. I’m trying to pass the time and keep my mind occupied but my thought keep drifting to Chief Slayton, his family and his Department family. I think about all the history and tradition that Bobbie had seen in his career as well as all that he passed along. ...

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