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Help Support Firefighter Families… it’s what holds us together!

On a mission to honor, strengthen and support first responder marriages and families. 24-7 Commitment offers a safe community, along with tools and resources designed specifically for the firefighting community. These include online communities, guided marriage support programs, local fire events, live workshops and commitment weekends for firefighters and their spouses.

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Catching up …..

Rhett and I will be speaking Friday morning but the bigger news there is that we will be following the keynote .... BOBBY HALTON! (yea FDIC attendees... THAT "Bobby Halton").

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Are you committed to the right things?

I've been saying it for years now.... if we can't take care of our own families, what would make us think we can take care of someone else's ... a complete strangers ... the same people we are sworn to protect and serve? Think about that for a minute.

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