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Looking back on Atlanta

Fire Rescue International 2011 has ended and Rhett ( Fire Critic ),  Jeff Harkey ( Fire News.net / Daily 911 Deals.com ) and I are back home safe and sound… ok .. we’re safe. Rhett’s driving  …. well, let’s just say it works on your nerves. Riding with Rhett will drive you to drinking  LOL.  WE HAD A GREAT WEEK ...

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Funeral arrangements for Rhett Fleitz and Jeff Harkey

Ok, they’re not dead yet but I’m gonna kill em! I hate to tell ya this story but I gotta. We finished up the “work” portion of FRI (Fire Rescue International)yesterday. We’ve had a GREAT week here in Atlanta. It started for me and Rhett with our 2nd 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb.  It ended with us tearing down, wrapping, packing ...

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