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I need a Priest !

That's where I have a small problem ... I always have my helmets "blessed" before placing them into service and I've decided to ask our newly appointed Department Chaplin, Father Sandy Webb; to do it for me. We've actually spoken about it before so I'm sure he will, it's just that he's currently out of the Country.

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What a difference a day makes….

The good news is that I got the “Cowboy Cadillac” back. I have been without my truck for 2 weeks and I’m not sure how much longer I could have made it. She laid down on me while hauling hay from Captain Flora’s farm. Lynn is the Captain on A-shift at Lucky #13. See the related post  HERE. Lynn was a ...

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That Damn "Picture Book" …LOL

Ok, Ok ..yea.. it’s my birthday. I was hoping to keep it quiet and then I logged in to check e-mails etc. WOW! I didn’t realize that “Picture Book” (Face Book) sent my birthday out to everyone in the country… so much for keeping it quiet huh? Anyway THANKS to everyone for the e-mails and comments wishing me a happy ...

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