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Finding the strength to do something that you don’t want to but know you must.

What I did yesterday was a lot like "searching". Searching on or above the fire floor. Crawling on your belly in pitch black ... complete darkness... "Zero Visibility" (another link worth your click). Not knowing what lies ahead, where you're going or what you may encounter along the way. Reaching out trying to find something ... someone but also hoping you wont. What will we find? Life, death or something in between?

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I can't describe the feeling in your gut as you're crawling down that dark, hot hallway. So dark that you can't see the lens of your face piece and so hot that your bottle is hot enough to heat the air you try to breath. I can't tell you why it is that we keep pushing / going but we do.

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Zero visibility

It's up to us to bring those alternative options to the front! I'm still lost but you don't have to be. Our Brothers and Sisters don't have to be. Open your eyes! We should NOT be suffering due to an ignorance of Behavioral Health and Wellness.

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