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Ian Swarr….. Butterflies.

His service will be HUGE and well publicized but not for the reasons you may think. What you'll see and read about in the next few days could easily be construed as what the "Fire Service" did for Ian.... that couldn't be farther from the truth. The "story" here is how deeply, and to what extent; a sick, teenage boy touch and impacted so many grown men and women. It was Ian who made a difference in our lives. It was Ian who set the example.

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Cold Water Challenge… Harrisburg, Pa.!!!

So I was challenged several times in the Face Book Craze “Cold Water Challenge”. I was challenged once by Kestin Wiemer (link) and the other by Bob Gard. Below is my video of my attempt of the challenge. The charities I choose were the Sons Of The Flag and the South Dakota Firefighters Benefit . I encourage you (if you ...

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