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Ironfiremen finds a new "hole" to climb into

LMAO .. is that a BEAUTIFUL title or what? I bet Dave Statter is wishing he never taught me about the importance of having a “catchy” title with your post. Yea… it’s all Statter’s fault.  AGAIN! LOL All kidding aside, I did find a new hole to crawl into today and I’ll get to that in just a moment. First, ...

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Swift Water Rescue in Roanoke

Snow and cold temperatures add to the realisticness  of Roanoke’s Regional Heavy and Tactical Rescue training. The Regional team consists of members from Roanoke Fire / EMS,  Salem Fire / EMS  and Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Departments. Captain Chad Riddleberger explains that in temperatures ranging from – 10  to  +110 degrees, Roanoke Valley’s Bravest are on the job! Stay Safe ...

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