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FDIC bounce back

I’m just beginning to feel normal again after returning from FDIC on Sunday. Our flight out of Indy was delayed and for once, our travel  woes were not due to Rhett’s scheduling or planning. This time, it was Mother Nature and despite her best efforts, we arrived home on time and with ALL of our luggage ! It was a ...

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Swift Water Rescue in Roanoke

Snow and cold temperatures add to the realisticness  of Roanoke’s Regional Heavy and Tactical Rescue training. The Regional team consists of members from Roanoke Fire / EMS,  Salem Fire / EMS  and Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Departments. Captain Chad Riddleberger explains that in temperatures ranging from – 10  to  +110 degrees, Roanoke Valley’s Bravest are on the job! Stay Safe ...

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