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A good send off

We attend these services for the survivors. The fallen are already in a better place. You attend for the family. The wives (or husbands), children , parents etc as well as for their extended family.... the Brothers and Sisters of their Department. You attend to let them know (and see) that they are not alone, their grief is shared and their support system endless.

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Working back to normal …

Working… with a ways to go yet. The past few weeks have been emotionally draining and I’m spent. I have not yet posted the names of the City Brothers and Sisters who filled the stations and manned the rigs so that the B-shift Brother could attend the funeral. Captain Bedwell has assured me that I will receive a copy and ...

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Working on 48 of 72

Yes… that’s 72 hours STRAIGHT in the station! Ugggggg! It seemed a whole lot easier 10 or so years ago… wonder why that is? Anyhow, today I’m back at my normal station but on a different shift (B-shift) and in a different seat. The brother I’m covering for is a Firefighter and his Captain is on duty so that puts ...

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