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People worth dying for…

Everyday I work I meet people "worth" dying for. It's the people in my territory .... the people I'm sworn to protect. It's also the Brothers and Sisters I work with ... for me, they're all "worth it" but I don't think about it that way.

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From the 4th floor… they JUMPED to their death!

Like the 343 lost on 9/11, I try to remember these and all the other members lost in the Line of Duty EVERYDAY. I challenge you to do the same. Don't just remember these brave men today ( because of a 7 year "anniversary" ) remember them tomorrow, the day after that, the next, next and so on.

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Blogging is one thing but members all across this Country are honoring these men in the same way.... by getting back on the truck! Police Officers are on duty tonight on the Va. Tech Campus. Brothers of IAFF L-1009 are staffing the rigs in Worcester, Ma. and the Mount Vernon (NY) Fire department stands ready to take in the next call.

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