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Finding the strength to do something that you don’t want to but know you must.

What I did yesterday was a lot like "searching". Searching on or above the fire floor. Crawling on your belly in pitch black ... complete darkness... "Zero Visibility" (another link worth your click). Not knowing what lies ahead, where you're going or what you may encounter along the way. Reaching out trying to find something ... someone but also hoping you wont. What will we find? Life, death or something in between?

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All Hands Working …. situation …" Doubtful "..errr … "Will Hold" … maybe??

First off, I need to say THANK YOU for all the Christmas cards, and messages I received. I personally read each of them and can tell you that they helped lift my spirits (sorry I haven't replied to them all) . I cried every day after coming home to see the fresh stack awaiting me on the kitchen counter. It is very humbling to know that so many of you out there are thinking and care so much about me and my family.

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