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Back from Baltimore

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz had it right …. There’s no place like HOME! Yea … I know that’s not Dorothy  but it is how she would have looked had I been the costume designer for The Wizard of Oz … LOL Anyway, Rhett (The Fire Critic) and I made it up to Baltimore for EMS Today and, most importantly; ...

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Back to the grind stone and another "Trick of the Trade"

Well, 4 day is over and it’s back to the ol grind stone at Lucky #13. This last break BLEW by and I mean that literally. The winds have been between 40-50 mph this week! I’ve already lost one barn to the winds this winter and I’m shocked I didn’t loose another. The Buckaroo and I have managed to keep ...

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Important information from Ironfiremen.com

I have a few ‘clean up” items I need to hit this morning ….. First off, I need to follow up and link to a very important post from Bill Carey over on Backstep Firefighter. Bill posted about NIOSH. They ( NIOSH… National Iinstitute for Occupational Safety and Health) wants to hear from us!!  THEY WANT OUR IMPUT!!  NIOSH conducts ...

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