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What’s happening in the Fire Service…

Of course, that topic in itself is a HUGE debate within the Fire Service.... leave companies together of bust em up on a regular basis. Stay and learn your territory or bounce around and always be on edge? Become comfortable with your crew or work to fit in, find each other's work habits and find neutral ground? There are advantages and disadvantages to both ....

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Gambling with Firefighter’s lives

Take Randy's new Department for example.... in my opinion ... just like others all across the Country (paid and volunteer); single member staffing and POV response is a gamble. IT'S A GAMBLE WITH FIREFIGHTER'S LIVES!

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A Sunday tour ..and BONUS video from Hershey Vol. Fire Dept.

Well, the Holidays are over and it’s back to the grind stone. Today’s our first day back and it hasn’t been too bad. A few runs scattered here and there but nothing post worthy. I hope and trust that everyone had a very happy new year. No New Years Eve party for me … no dancing girls … nothing… just ...

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