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Yea, Firefighter Lives Matter Too

As firefighters, we see and do things on a daily basis that most people never will (and shouldn't have to). We see and do these things without hesitation yet there was no way we could have known or been prepared for the life we were about to devote and expose ourselves to.

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Proud to be an American ….

For those of you deployed, serving our Country, pulling a tour or on duty (military or public safety) somewhere, here or abroad .... THANK YOU. For the families of those who have lost a loved one in Service, THANK YOU as well! We are thinking of you and remembering your loved one this weekend!

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The Family’s Heart felt “Thanks”

With his passing still heavy on her heart and mind, Todd's mother sat down yesterday to attempt to write "Thank You" cards. She was simply overwhelmed by the number of Firefighters and the distances they had traveled. It's a true testament to the "Brotherhood" we firefighters share and it never ceases to amaze me.

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