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Under Watchful Eyes and Capable Hands

I also have a promise to keep. A BIG one. A promise to a man whom I looked up to and admired. A man whom I do not want to let down. A man who I hope to one day meet again where he can tell me that I met his expectations.

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Leadership vs. Management

I don't have to hear a bunch of bitching and crying when I say we have to do this or that. They know I wouldn't ask something of them unless it was necessary for one reason or another.

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The Family’s Heart felt “Thanks”

With his passing still heavy on her heart and mind, Todd's mother sat down yesterday to attempt to write "Thank You" cards. She was simply overwhelmed by the number of Firefighters and the distances they had traveled. It's a true testament to the "Brotherhood" we firefighters share and it never ceases to amaze me.

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