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Misplaced and/or Lost Trust? …

SO, I resigned my position that night. Bob Gard did as well. Rhett and Andrew stayed on because Shane promised some answers to the finances within two weeks. They (Rhett and Andrew) were our only remaining link to solving the puzzle of scam vs. poor management.

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You can't teach HEART!

I've always said that all I need is a month or two in the same station and/or one working fire to know whether or not a probie (or non-probationary firefighter for that matter) "gets it". That quickly, I can determine if he or she has "heart".

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The power of people ….

It's up to them to EARN that position ... nobody will "give" it to them. It takes dedication and heart and we can't teach either of them! Good luck to Recruit Class #16.

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