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FDIC and my Indy On Fire Top Ten!

The Fire Critic, Model City Firefighter and myself will be easy to find. As usual, we will be in many of the booths down on the exhibit floor as well as at many other evening events throughout the week. You can find our complete schedule in the links below... Be sure to drop by and say hello!

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Product Review Channel Lock #87 Rescue Tool

Channel Lock has come out with a new Rescue Tool designed specifically for firefighters. What’s even better is that this tool was designed with imput from firefighters. This tool improves upon and replaces the previous #89 Rescue Tool. The #87 Rescue Tool is actually their 3rd addition of such tools and is Channel Lock’s answer for a smaller, pocket sized ...

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Father's Day catch up ..

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY !  Tonight’s post is late because I’ve been going as hard as possible today in an effort to “catch up” from being sick. Despite working all day, I had a wonderful Father’s Day. The girls had the Buckaroo up early and we got to spend the entire day together. He was so excited. “I know a secret ...

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