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There’s more to the job than badges and bugles ….

What I'm most proud of though is that I was able to make an impact on the Department, it's members and the people we served. I wont go as far to say I left the Department better than I found it because it's such a different Department today and I'm not sure it's all "good". Let's just say that, like so many others before me; I made a difference (yea Mutter ...I know...LOL).

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Fire Department History … it's where we came from

It's our job to continue building upon what they started and to never forget where it (or we) came from. The sacrifices made and lessons learned along the way. The names, their faces and all those stories in between that were told on the back step or around the kitchen table. They define us ...it's who we are.

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Early retirement ….

It used to be, when we got hired; it was a given that you'd pull 30 years .... you WANTED to do 30. Now, it seems like everyone is simply reaching for the Rule of 70's and looking to get out as soon as possible.

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