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The adventures of "Coon"

LMAO … no…. that’s not “the” Coon I’m referring to pictured on the left. I’m speaking of past “Melrose Misfit”  Scott Boone … aka “Coon” (although I do see some similarities in the real Coon and the one pictured left). The Coon we all know and have grown to love turned 40 today .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COON! Sherrie, his expecting ...

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Happy New Year !!

I know I’m a little early as far as the clock goes but I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to tell ya right at midnight. I haven’t been regular with post this week due to working my tail off trying to catch up from being out sick. I’m almost there. I did want (and need) ...

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Good news! Salvage and the Fire Critic MIA?

I have some really good news to pass along on a local level. Those of you who have followed me for a while  (yea…both of ya)  will know the boys I’m talking about… for all others, I’ll explain in a moment.   That was my little “happy dance” LOL.  Coon and Opie have been with me since our days as “Melrose ...

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