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The “Take” from #FDIC 2015

When I talk about "Take", Im talking about knowledge, experience, networking, friendships, ideas etc. What was your "take" from FDIC? I hope everyone who attends comes away with SOMETHING... if you didn't / don't, it's your own fault. I'm curious as to what it was for you (the "take").

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South Dakota Part 3

I'd dare say that there are not many Brothers or Sisters around today that can say they have actually discharged water from a 1903 Waterous pump! The Brothers and Sisters of the Chancler VFD gave Rhett and I the opportunity of a lifetime!

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South Dakota part 2

The Brothers and Sisters of Pierre rolled out the red carpet for us. They even "toned out" over their pager system that we had arrived and for all available members to report to the station. We were honored by the turnout!

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