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Contraband in the firehouse … pocket books and finger nail polish!

I had just made Lieutenant in the Fire Department my dad worked for. Then, the rank structure was Private, Lieutenant and then Captain. Previously, I had two of the best assignments a young fireman could have. I spent a few years assigned to Ladder #2-A but actually drove the “District” (now called Battalion) Chief for the North side of the ...

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Hump day..

Well, it’s our middle day of the cycle but after pulling that 72 hr stretch, taking off 24hr and coming right back, I feel like I’ve been here a month already. Of course I had to bust my butt all day yesterday catching up all the farm work missed from being here back to back to back so it really ...

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Man what a change! From the Southern Shores of Nags Head back to reality. Again I’m not so sure that “sick a day, Tuff a day” saying is all what it’s cracked up to be. The boys have done a good job of looking after me though so it hasn’t been that bad. The morning started off just as every ...

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