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HAPPY THANKSGIVING from IronFiremen.com

What did you expect?? You did click on IronFiremen.com you know… now get your minds out of the gutter… it’s Thanksgiving for Pete’s sake! LOL Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Special thoughts and wishes go out to our  Brothers and Sisters across the country pulling a tour today so that the rest of us can ...

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Old firemen and dirty balls

I’m getting old! Well, I’m not so sure 41 is old but at minimum, I’m worn out. As young privates at #5, Scotty (Scott Mutter) and I wanted to, could and did run all night. Back then, we were busy. We caught a lot of work but also wound just as many street boxes (I even had the nick name ...

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Counseling Session for Better Judgment…This is Great Judgment.

I received a "counseling session" on Tuesday from my Battalion Chief (no...it's NOT the first). He advised me that our Deputy Chief had instructed him to "council" me on using "better judgment" pertaining to my post here on the site. He spoke specifically about the first day of this last cycle post ( or the Oct. 23rd post.. Nothing says 4 day break is over like a working fire)

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