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Alive and well

TRUST ME ... it's NOT an easy thing to do. Especially in a Department like ours. I'll go back to those two words.... TRAINING and DISCIPLINE. I applaud the effort and calls our guys are making out here on the street ... they're getting it RIGHT and our members are going home the next morning.

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With budget cuts, under staffing, station closures, brown outs etc, the Fire Service is struggling enough. The sad thing here is that most of those whom we serve are in worse shape than we are. DO NOT TAKE AWAY FROM THESE FOLKS ....don't make their situation worse .... most have nothing else to give / loose

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Another Hectic Day In "The Noke"

Well, hectic for me anyway. It’s my 3rd and final day of  “riding the car” this week. The Chief will be back to duty next cycle and I get to go back home to “Lucky #13”. As I said, in an  earlier post  this week; riding the car isn’t  ALL  bad. Some days are better than others and for me, ...

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