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Catching up ….

It's been humbling for us to watch Randy grow not only into a good fireman but now a husband as well. Both are HUGE accomplishments and I'm confident that he will do well at both.

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Warm thoughts, extrication and Santa's Sexy Helper Day 17!

I just got a call from a buddy who is down in Florida. The Temp is in the upper 60’s and he’s walking the beach in shorts. Another good friend, Captain Joe Schmoe; over at Report on Conditions titled his last post  “Heat Wave.  The temp there yesterday was 78. He even has pics but he’s NOT gloating. Grrrrrrrrrrr! It’s ...

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The man we simply call "MEAT"

Just a quick post (catch up) tonight…Yesterday, Keith “Meat” Blankinship pulled his last shift. Meat retired after 22yrs of service with the City (2 with the EMS Department, 20 post merger), he is 49 years old. I have known Keith his entire career. We actually volunteered together back in ’88-’89. He is responsible for getting me interested and so involved ...

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