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When our recruits complete the acadamy, they are assigned to a company, placed on 1 years probation and have a detailed set of objectives to complete / pass within that year. They are assigned a "Rookie Book" which contains thoses objectives and are evaluated at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month mark.

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A bad day for Randy gets worse … we could both be dead!

I arrived at the station at about 06:30am this morning.  As I always do, I went to my gear locker, got my PPE and placed it by the rig. Everything has it’s place and something caught my eye … something out of place. It was a face piece … an SCBA mask and it was laying in the floor out in ...

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Less than 12 hrs til 4 day

We’re winding down a fairly busy cycle. It’s been a good week but I’m ready for our 4-day break! I think Randy is looking forward to it as well. This week’s training centered around “calling the MAYDAY”, “Search and Rescue” and “Vent Enter Search”. Of course, we caught our normal run load and had some cleaning to do in between… ...

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