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Money well spent!

The occupants were in a panic, fearing they were trapped; but Randy had it knocked down within seconds and with less than 500 gallons of water. Our County Brothers will be ecstatic to read that we even got the "brush rake" off the rig. Randy quickly got to the "head", extinguished and began "cutting a line" .... LMAO ... if we only had a " PULASKI" tool.

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Get your own water!

Or maybe I should say “TAKE” your own water. I received a few e-mails following Monday’s post  “Tricks of the Trade.. RIT Tips“ . The post was intended to offer only a few “tricks” concerning the removal of (dragging) a downed firefighter. The e-mails I received wanted to know more about what we carry with our RIT team ie: stokes ...

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