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Wytheville finds some water!

I don't have many details yet but, apparently; the Wytheville Fire Department and Chief Ron King have abandoned their recently discovered "new firefighting technique" and resorted to fighting fire like the rest of America ... by putting water on the fire.

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With budget cuts, under staffing, station closures, brown outs etc, the Fire Service is struggling enough. The sad thing here is that most of those whom we serve are in worse shape than we are. DO NOT TAKE AWAY FROM THESE FOLKS ....don't make their situation worse .... most have nothing else to give / loose

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Things that make ya go Hummmmm

I happened across this picture over on Firefighter Nation. It was posted yesterday by  John a munch. It’s title is  “Hooking it” ….  now,  I’m no “Monday Morning Quarterback” (especially since it’s Saturday night..LOL) but I was just wondering… Whadda ya think?    Stay safe and in house… Captain Wines

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