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The Youth of FDIC …..

We reminded them that beyond all the big red trucks, sirens etc was some of the latest technologies and innovations in the Fire Service (SCBAs, TICs, Turnout Gear etc). Technologies and innovations that THEY will be using when they enter our ranks. I think (and hope) they understood our message. THANKS AGAIN to Corey Breese for bringing them by

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Is simply "Remembering" enough?

It's more than a t-shirt, helmet sticker or catchy slogan for me. I hope I don't need any of that crap. I'd rather you know that I remember EVERYDAY and would hope you can tell that by my actions and not by the slogan on some shirt or hat that I'm wearing.

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Fukushima 50 …

Yea… I’m here and back at Lucky #13  on duty today.  As usual, I was simply “swamped” over 4 day break and didn’t find the time to check in. When I say “swamped”, I mean that literally. I’ve been knee deep in mud and muck for about as long as I can stand. No, that’s NOT my tractor but the ...

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