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Barefooted … for now

Despite the overwhelming support I received following my last post ("A Firefighter's Boots"), I was NOT able to return to duty and put mine back on. It wasn't because I didn't want to ... I did and you folks were a HUGE part of the reason why.

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And now, the HARD part begins…

It's EASY to get this far .... hundreds if not thousands of members get this far. The "hard" part is "keeping fire in your life".... staying "Battle Ready". Keeping the desire to learn. To train, to stay healthy, physically fit and in the shape to do the job required of you. To keep motivated. To keep the discipline to push yourself to the "next level". To maintain a positive attitude.

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To the Rescue

Even the days when thousands of people don't need us, there are still several hundred who do. We are always working ... even on our days off.

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