Holding our heads high!

We had a good game last night. If you look at the score board we lost but that’s not all together true either.

I have a few thoughts on this game / trip. 1.) I am so proud and impressed with our humble little team. 2.) I am NOT with the Orlando Gaurdians. Bear with me and allow me to tell a short story (…you know my idea of short). Anyway, I’ve said before that the fact that we were even able to take the field made us winners. I think it was early November 2009 when Todd and Chris decided to follow their dream and form a team. They then had to be in Vegas in mid- November to register a new team and attend a league meeting. We didn’t own a football. Our union.. Local 1132 stepped up and supported the concept. They got back, we were in and the snows came. Little to no practice. Later, we found another sponsor and an indoor facility. To this date, we haven’t hit a “sled”, or had any kind of “fundamental” training. Our first game was at home.. we looked (and were) lost. Second game.. not lost but disoriented. Last night, we had it together. Some of the guys and I were talking last night and I related it to being a fireman. For this game…we’ve been living together. We’re in Fla. living together in a hotel. Just like with firehouse life… we’ve become closer…brothers…team mates, and it showed. We made history down here. We scored our first offensive touch down! Actually, we score 3! (1 called back). 3 interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries and multiple QB sacks! And the Gaurdians are past League / division Champions! Our defense has always been and continued to be hard hitting and impressive last night. The offense also came together last night. The line gave our QB an average of 4 seconds in the pocket! We moved the ball and worked the chain crew to their limit. “J-Rod” Fuhrman kicked a PAT (we’ve NEVER even practiced where / how to line up for that), we had some great punts and kick offs too. We kicked their butt for 4 quarters and I was proud to play for the Rampage last night. The sad news is that the final score board didn’t show it. It was 11 vs. 16 EVERY play (5 referees). The Gaurdians finally received a penalty with a couple minutes remaining in the 4th. We had TONS of flags and most were BS… (BULLSHIT). We got flags for Joey Pugh’s jersey number! He’s #69.. played tight end all night. We get a 40 yard pass play gain and all of the sudden, a flag is thrown because his number doesn’t allow for him to be a receiver?? WTF. Another 60 yard gain called back because a ref blew the whistle too early? We had 2 plays that were “re-played”?? I touchdown called back for no reason. We were getting horse collared, face masked, ear holed and trash talked etc with not flags. Hard to beat the team and refs. Now I know this will sound like “crying” but hey..you had to be here…WE WERE ROBBED! Orlando didn’t even pick us up at the airport! We were forced to get cabs and pay out of our pockets. They didn’t turn on the AC in our locker room. The temp was 93+ so we clustered outside under a shade tree. After the game… NO meal / party! They did send 4 guys out to a local bar who walked over and told us when a table came open. They had to ask for volunteers from the stands to run the chains. Did they NOT know we were coming??? And not from across town..all the way from Va. We had 3 times the fans in the stands than they did! Forget football….where’s the BROTHERHOOD? NOT IN FLORIDA! Past Champs my BUTT! Mickey Mouse if you ask me but hey..we are in Orlando. ANYWAY, congrats and hats off to our team, staff and support crew. We represented ourselves well! Ok, enough of this rant for now…I’m headed to the HD shop for a bike rental and riding to Daytona for the day! We head home tomorrow. Thanks again to all the brothers and sisters working a tour so we can be here. Stay safe and in house…
Captain Wines