Had a "Bull Bucking" BLAST Friday night!

Yea, as soon as I posted the update of our arrival, I headed back out to Whisky River to hang out with the crew. I added a link just above and in last night’s post so you can see a little of what Dale Earnhardt Jr. has created here but let me tell ya… it’s 10 times better in person. The staff is professional and the service excellent. Every time I bellied up to the bar, the bar tender not only knew my drink (cool-aid), he also knew my color (yea…RED). The wait staff….Top notch and easy on the eyes.. DON’T SAY IT… YES that’s a pink shirt (or just really light orange LOL). I know I mentioned it in last night’s post but, they even have a BULL! Oh yeaaaa! Mean looking little sucker huh? Did we ride? Well…..yes and no. The Gals out did us. Yea …. like you didn’t know that already. Most of the guys didn’t want to risk injury the night before the big game so we decided to hold our rides until tonight. The girls on the other hand were knocking people down to get on that thing. Pushing, shoving, hair pulling…geesh…. felt like back home at Polumbo’s years ago. Even pretty little Sherrie (from the REMS office and Devin’s better half)made a ride. You know the only thing better looking than a girl riding a bull???? Her doing it in a dress! How’d she do????? see for yourself…
Tim Cady’s better half Christine pulled her boot straps up and took a ride or 20 too…

Like everyone who straddled the beast… our gals hit the mat a time or two but they bounced right back up and jumped on again.

So anyways… we had a good time. Some of the Cobra”s even hung out late with us… One heard I was a “star” tail back (had me confused with Hardee)so being the middle line backer, he wanted to get to “know me” a little better. LOL Nick Henderson is #55 for the Cobra’s and hung in like a champ last night. All of our guys filled his head with stories about me so… he just had to see / ask for himself. I explained to him that if I get to run the ball tonight we will know each other plenty… I also explained that if he wanted to tackle me, he’d better do it while we were in the huddle. LMAO..shouldn’t have told him that..he’s a BIG BOY! All kidding aside, the Cobra’s have been GREAT hosts and we have not only enjoyed the hospitality but taken notice as well. Here’s a shot of some of our gang along with Nick and his .???… gal

Ok, thats enough for now…I’m headed back to the pool for a bit. Will attempt another update later.. thanks for checking in on us.. GO RAMPAGE!!!!
Captain Wines