Quick update from Chicago…

Ok, that’s not Chicago but the pic says a whole lot about our situation right now… STUCK!! Oh yea baby.. another wonderful flying experience. We have been sitting, walking around and drinking in Chicago’s OHare airport for ohhhhh about a week now. Yea… stranded. Once again, Rhett’s “discount flight plans” came through. It appears as though “something” has happened to our plane. Something “mechanical” but apparently secret enough that they wont tell me.

This airport / flying business is starting to remind me of a really bad movie..

I tried to tell em that I am pretty good at turning a wrench. I can weld and fabricate just about anything. They assured me that they have their own mechanics and have the situation well in hand…

WOW!! Had I only have known. All kidding aside, we are stranded in Chicago but things are working out. I will update with details of our adventures as soon as I get home. You wont want to miss that post! Here are a few “teasers”…. I got to meet and hang with Steven Pasquale (white Sean…aka Sean Garrity) of Rescue me and Chief Billy Goldfeder. IT WAS COOL!!!!!

Ok, thats enough for now.. I have to go to the “lost child” desk and see if I can find Rhett. Wish me and us luck.. hopefully we’ll see good ol Va soon.
Stay safe and in the house til we get there..
Captain Wines