A lot of catching up to do..

Yea, I know..but hang in there…I told ya some changes etc were on the way. To begin with, the changes have began. If you use www.Ironfiremen.com to get to me, you most likely didn’t get here. While we are in the process of changing over, you will need to use the “blog spot” address here … temp link After the change over is complete and I figure out how to use “word press” and then go live, the old address of Ironfiremen.com will work again. Please be patient and bear with me / us… it will be worth the wait. Ok, so I haven’t posted in a bit and tonight will be short and sweet as well. I have been off on funeral leave and dealing with everything associated with such an event. I have also been adjusting to the return home from Chicago and trying to catch up on all the farm work that fell by the way side while I was away. There are a thousand topics I want to discuss but will wait until the new site is live. I will however (as usual) give you a “teaser” or two. I have had the Buckaroo a few days and he has got my gears turning. Yea I know.. the same age level right?? But anyway, the mornings have been cool (cold) here so I had to hunt him a pair of long britches (no Rhett..not slacks..britches). I found a pair but had to roll the cuffs up and that got me thinking Fire Department crap.. yea.. welcome to my mind! But anyhow.. I have a direction. I also wanted to finish up on FRI and mention all the fellow bloggers etc that I got to meet. An impressive list for names and reads… I’ll list em when I have time to explain / expand. And, to top it off, I’ve been thinking about grants. Yea.. I need one but that’s not exactly the direction I was heading (besides, I don’t think Old Milwaukee Beer or Evan Williams give out grants..LOL). Anyway, the new look / direction seems to have some promise. That said, I have gotten all the comments etc and want to assure you all that the “new look” will still be “Captain Wines”. I’m gonna keep what got us to this point, just add to or build upon it a little. As always, thanks again for reading / following. I’ll be back up and as regular as the leading laxative in no time. I’m back to duty tomorrow and plan for a more details post.. look for it and until then, stay safe and in house.
Captain Wines