Pulling an A-shift tour..

Today, I’m paying my dues for hanging out by the pool in Nags Head and drinking beer. On one of my last visits, I called up an old friend and talked him into covering my shift thus giving me a couple extra days to soak up the sun and relax by the beach. Today, I’m paying that favor back by pulling a tour for him. I’m working at Station #6 on the South East side of town. I’m no stranger here and it’s nice to be back in the house. I was assigned here back when I made Lt. and worked on both “C” and “B” shifts. My dad also spent the majority of his career here so I’ve spent plenty of time in this station even before I got on the job. As a matter of fact, as a kid ridding along with Pop; I even helped the men move from the “old” Station #6 into this one. Here’s a shot of the old and current..

Rhett has a better shot of both stations here. Station #6 was established September 5, 1911 and will soon reach the 100 year mark.  The current station was opened in 1979. At the time, it was one of the few stations we had that was single level ( no poles ) with actual drive through bays. This section of the City has always been busy (fire and EMS) and the house remains a desirable assignment even today. It began as a single Engine house, after the move it its current location, it grew to an Engine and Medic and now houses the same Engine / Medic with the addition of the HTR (Heavy Technical Rescue) truck, a support vehicle and the Swift Water team / equipment.  I have several good memories of visiting Dad here as well as from my days assigned as Lt. Today, I’m working on A-shift with an old friend and Brother Captain Todd Stone (of Kentland and “Little Brooklyn” aka Bedford FD fame). Lt. Branch is behind the wheel and that puts me in the “hot seat”….BACKWARDS!!! oh yea.. You can bet the Capt. will have the nozzle tonight should we catch one… only question is which Captain??  Here’s a shot of Todd and my view for the tour..

We also have a ride along (buff) tonight. Little Randale Smith is a “straight A” student from Captain Stone’s wife’s Bedford Science Technologgy- Advanced EMT Work Studies class. This kid is supposed to be a straight A student who finished #1 State EMT compitition and 5th in the Nation and he wants to be a fireman??? I guess Marci sent him in to ride with Todd and me in an effort to “dumb” him down a little cause this kid is WAY too smart to want to work here..LOL.  And oh yea.. a special note to Marci… for future classes, add some cooking lessons. I don’t care how smart these kids are… if they can’t fix an egg sandwich or a pot of beans, they’ll never make it in a firehouse… LOL. All kidding aside, Randale seems to be a great kid and I wish him the best with his career aspirations.. here’s a shot of the little fella..

24 hrs with me and Todd… he doesn’t stand a chance! Ok, that’s enough about me and today.. I have some other important issues to tackle. Bullying ! Yea.. it’s rampant in the blog world and in a certain case, I feel obligated to step in. Allow me to explain. Everyone knows I’m a huge Dave Statterfan. HUGE. That said, I’m also very close with Rhett Fleitz of Fire Critic(and many more). Well Dave and Rhett have been going back and forth over the Obian County, Tnn. incident and I have been put in the middle. I have even been accused of “ridding the fence”. To defend myself, I will only say that I voiced my opinion live on Firefighter Netcast and in my last post. The only “side” I took was my own. As far as the lovers spat between Dave and Rhett I will say this. Dave is “THE MAN”!  A true reporter. Rhett ….well… I like Rhett. That said.. DAVE.. stop picking on my little buddy. I’m serious!! STOP IT!  You don’t seem like the type of person to kick a man when he’s down or hold the “little man” down and there are some issues you may not be aware of. Look at this…

You know what those two pics are??? TIGHT. Tight as in almost don’t fit. Snug… hitting the sides..you know…TIGHT.  Now look at this..

Know what they are???  KIDNEY STONES. Yea…OUCH!  Rhett is trying to pass one or ten. Think back to “tight”. He’s trying to push those rocks through his little….ummmm…errrrrrrr…. well anyway Dave… he’s SICK. Even banged out of work today. So please.. as a personal favor to me.. give the little guy a break. We all know your position was “spot on” and that you were right and, as soon as he gives birth to that boulder, I’ll explain it to him. Ok, moving on…RUMOR CONTROL…

I’m moving AGAIN! I posted on it earlier but apparently nobody reads my post. I have been reassigned once again. My next regular scheduled shift will be on “C-shift” at Luck #13. I won’t go into details here but, if you want the whole and honest story; stop by or give me a call. I didn’t / don’t want to go nor do / did I want to upset (move) another Captain but in this case something had to happen. This was the decision made. I will miss the “boys” like my left arm. They have been looking after and taking care of me for some time now. I’ll will post on that point of view in detail a little later after I have settled down a bit. There are still a few issues to be settled in this whole ordeal and understandably, I’m still a little pissed but in due time I’ll be able to tell the entire story… (brings to mind one of my favorite pics..)

You gotta love that pic! And hey.. I can’t put this kid up and not get the Buckaroo on. So here’s his update. It’s been a busy week for him as well. We’ve been in the hay field pretty much every day. Here he is with his signature “from the tractor wave” and another from the hay loft..

He’s been jacked up on Mountain Dew all week but for good reason. First off, he has made the transition to a “big boy” bed. Now you guys know the Buckaroo well enough by now to know he didn’t just settle for any old bed…

Oh yea… A fire truck bed!! That’s how my little fella rolls! He’s also been a little excited because deer season is now open. Now, he has been with me while I’ve shot fox, ground hogs and coyotes but never a deer (for Pete’s sake.. he’s only 2 yr old.. how much experience can he have??) Anyway, he’s been VERY excited to get his first one so, we’ve been doing a little target practice and lining up our guns..

LMAO.. poor little fella can’t figure out why the deer wont die or run off. Alright..that’s enough for tonight..can’t wait to screen all the comments from PETA. I’ll check in in the next day or so. I report to #13 on Wednesday. Until either, stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines.