A little rest before the big day…

Ok… it’s been a few days since I checked in so I’ll give a quickie to hold ya over until tomorrow. I’ve been on 4 day break and the weather has been BEAUTIFUL. You know what that means … make hay while the sun is shinning. Yep.. me and the Buckaroo have been going at it pretty hard. Here’s his signature shot for all his fans ( I think he has more followers than I do.. LOL).

The only thing he likes more than fire trucks is tractors and I have to admit.. he’s beginning to become a handful. All he talks about .. all day every day is driving. I try to explain to him in 2 yr old terms that he’s not big enough yet .. he can’t even reach the pedals. I guess he gets it from his momma but he then mumbles something I can’t hear… gives me the evil eye and proceeds to show me he indeed can….

The sad thing is that when he actually can reach em and operate the tractor on his own, he’ll be more interested in chasing nurses or something… LOL. Moving on, the Buckaroo isn’t the only “youngin” I’ve been dealing with this week. My little buddy Rhett has been crying more than the Buckaroo this week. Something about a kidney stone..yada… yada…  yada.. What a PUSS!

The good news is that I think he finally passed the thing. Rumor has it to be about the size of a grain of sand. To hear him tell it, he passed a bowling ball. I would have loved to seen his face while pushing that baby out…

LMAO!!! And all this BS with Statter and he said she said. Rhett even thinks he beat me to being the first writer in the network to post nudity. His feeble attempt can be seen here . Once again (as he did with Statter) he jumped the gun and spoke too soon. Allow me to refresh his and your memory of the first nude shot …

I can’t remember if I did it from the Melrose Misfit blog or from Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen back when we were over on “Blogger” but either way, I beat him to it LOL. Alright, all kidding aside, I do believe Rhett is feeling MUCH better and (if it wasn’t just the meds talking) has rededicated himself to regular and multiple postings. I just hopes he brings RoanokeFire.com back because we need a local outlet BAD. Moving on, I’ll hit just a few highlights etc. Everyone knows and can obviously see by now that I have made the move over to the FireEMS Blogs.com . I’m glad I did. I will say that I haven’t figured everything out just yet but with that said, I’m also now surrounded by tons of support and supporters. My hits are also increasing which is good news as well. I think that fact is due to the switch and to my fellow bloggers on the network dropping my name. Hell,  Fire Geezer himself even gave me a mention. (That’s when you know you’re doing well). Thanks to Bill, Mike Ward, Rhett, Dave, John and all the other Network Bloggers for the warm welcome, and support. I hope I can exceed every one’s expectations. I also want to touch just a little more on my day at #6-A this last Saturday. We had a public Relations event to attend at a local park that morning. Church groups, civic leagues, community activist etc. Good food, music and plenty of fun for the kids.

The highlight of the event, other than watching the “Po Po” guzzle chli dogs was that now retired Battalion Chief Bobby Slayton was in attendance. Looked like Santi Claus with a touch of red..

That’s little Alex pictured with the Chief. You may remember him from back in his part time days and Melrose Misfit Blog days. We also had a ride-along that day. One of Marci’s top students Randale Smith pulled the tour. In showing him a good ride etc. Capt. Stone ran us down by the “old” and new station #1. While visiting the “old” #1, I couldn’t help but reflect back on the days when she was up and running. That’s a station anyone who worked out of will never forget. Here’s a shot of the bunk room….

The open dorm, wooden floors, stamped tin ceiling, wooden lockers. This is what a firehouse is supposed to look and feel like. Memories in every view. Here is a shot of my dad’s locker .. I can still see Pop’s uniforms etc hanging there..

Alright, I’ll try to check in again tomorrow. For now, I need to get a little rest. Tomorrow is gonna be a long one. It’s back to work and my first day at my new home ….. Lucky #13! Woooo Hoooooo.

Until my next one, Thanks for following, don’t forget to follow on “picture book” and “churp churp” as well. Stay safe and in house…

Captain Wines.

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    I am a Capt. Wines and Buckaroo , aka ” Cowboy” fan. I do have to say I enjoy the writing however I love the “Cowboy” shots. I believe both fan bases are building. Good luck at #13- actually one of my lucky numbers. It is also very appropriate here at Halloween time. Maybe you can dress up like a Roanoke City Official – you kow- one of those policy makers- and scare the he– out of everyone.From where I sit- they’re pretty ugly.